Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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Today I will tell you how to choose a suitable ring for your lovely hands.
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The ring is one of the most elegant and beautiful jewelry! 
But that this decoration really emphasized your attractiveness,
 zest and style, it must be chosen correctly.
 How to choose a ring, we will talk in this article.

How to choose a regular ring for permanent wear?
 Undoubtedly, the main thing in this case — personal preferences and taste,
 but listen to some advice is still worth it.

Ring selection depending on age

For young girls, the best option is thin, miniature, elegant rings. Girls look very good in silver. These rings will emphasize the youth and freshness of its owner. It is better to choose a simple design, and the stone is small. 
In General, the simpler the better. Adhering to this motto, you will emphasize your youth and romantic nature.
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For older women, large volume rings with a large stone are suitable. 
Rings of this type will give femininity and elegance. 


 Mature women need massive rings with a noticeable stone. The beauty of these rings attracts all the attention and distracts from age-related skin changes.
These models will attract attention to the hands, make the image as a whole more refined and add a unique charm. Mature ladies need strict classic models or massive rings with a catchy stone, depending on the selected image.

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Ring selection depending on the fingers

It is easier and simpler to pick up rings on thin and long fingers than on fingers of other forms. Happy owners of elegant fingers will fit stacked or massive rings, as well as rings in a horizontal design. As mentioned earlier, very simple and thin rings are the least preferred. A woman with short fingers is better to choose a vertically stretched ring and abandon the wide rings. Asymmetric rings and rings with a triangular design will help to make plump fingers thinner and more attractive. Large round stones should be avoided. On a hand with knotted joints, choose wide rings with noticeable inserts of stones.

Ring for everyday wear should not be pretentious and catchy, first of all, it is designed to emphasize the elegance and beauty of your hand, as well as to demonstrate exceptional taste and give the image of elegant refinement. When choosing this product, it is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of the brush and even the tone of your skin, pay special attention to the decor used, and also take into account the age of the future owner.

not only decorate your hands, but also emphasize the taste!

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"The purpose of costume jewelry is not to demonstrate the wealth of a woman, but only to make her beautiful" - Coco Chanel

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