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Monday, May 4, 2020

Hi 49 and Market lovers! 
Elena here with you with a brand new layout.
Today I show you my LO with two pictures. 
I couldn't choose which photo I like best so I used two at once!

I took a piece of paper "Awakening" from the collection Sweet Reflections as the basis for the layout.
Recently, I really like the gray background as a base. All the decorations and bright details look amazing on it, don't you think?

Приглашаю вас оставить все свои дела на 5 минут и посмотреть процесс создания этой странички.

I invite you to leave all your business for 5 minutes and watch the process of creating this page.

 Я украсила страничку цветочками из наборов: 
Подбирала самые нежные оттенки, которые так замечательно подошли к фотографиям и фоновому листу.

Усложнила фон с помощью штампа из набора Pascale’s Tickets and Numbers Stamp Set (4×6)

I decorated the page with flowers from the sets: 
I chose the most delicate shades that fit the photos and the background sheet so well.

Complicated the background with a stamp from Pascale’s Tickets and Numbers Stamp Set (4×6)

 Фонарики и надпись - чипборд от 2crafty - неизменный спутник всех моих проектов!

Flashlights and title - chipboard from 2crafty - a constant companion of all my projects!

These are the 49 and Market products used:

Awakening" from the collection Sweet Reflections

I hope to inspire you and thank you for stopping by!

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